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Family Promise is one organization with 3 distinct programs to serve homeless families.

Open Doors, our family emergency shelter, serves families in their first days of homelessness, sheltering them while they search for a long-term solution.

Bridges, our church hospitality network, cares for 3-4 families at a time, sheltering them in church buildings while our case managers help them find housing and employment.

Village, our aftercare support network, teaches life skills and offers mentoring for families who have graduated from the Bridges program.

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Each program that you select requires additional information

Great! Lets collect some specifics for Open Doors (family emergency shelter)


We look for volunteers who are:   

There is no typical day at Open Doors. Guests are in and out and everyday is different from the next. ­­   

Our work at Open Doors relies heavily on developing relationships. Engaging in activities with guests such as sharing meals and playing with kids is highly encouraged. 

Our 5 Core Values: 

Volunteer Positions and Tasks

Open Doors

1. Become an Assistant Supervisor. There are 3 shifts a day each lasting 4 hours.  As an assistant supervisor you will work to help with a wide variety of tasks. These include attending to guest needs, enforcing policy, checking food and storage inventory, and keeping an eye on kids.  

Regular needs for supervisors to attend to include:
1.     Granting guests access to services and monitoring usage of services.
2.     Organizing donations and keeping inventory of supplies         once a week
3.     Playing with kids and creating activities for them
4.     Miscellaneous projects  

 2. Become a Coach. Many of our families will be going through a highly transitional and stressful period. As a coach you will meet with families and work with them to create action plans and look for solutions. If you have any kind of background in mentoring, case management, or counseling please consider this position!

 3. Become a Food Procurement volunteer. As a Food Procurement volunteer you will help collect and deliver food from food banks to the shelter. Typically, this is done on Mondays. Valid Driver’s license required.  


On what days are you available?

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Summarize special skills and qualifications you have acquired from employment, previous volunteer work, or through other activities, including hobbies or sports.

Please give as much detail as you can about previous duties and roles.
Great! Let's collect some specifics for Bridges (church hospitality and van driving)

On what days are you available?

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Are you a part of a church that currently serves with Family Promise?

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And which times work best for you?

Excellent! Let's collect some specifics for Village (aftercare and mentoring)

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Thank you for completing the application and for your commitment to serving homeless families! One of our volunteer coordinators will make contact with you shortly!

For more information about volunteering, please direct questions to Marianne Sfeir, Administrative Assistant   
631 Richard Allan Court, Spokane WA 99202 
(509) 631-9237
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