This longform survey is for guests of Open Doors to complete every two weeks and upon exiting the program.
Name *

The code of conduct and expectations for my stay have been clearly communicated to me. *

My needs have been sufficiently met (as far as the services that Open Doors provides). *

I have been referred to other providers and agencies who could sufficiently help me. *

I feel valued at Open Doors. *

Staff and volunteers are not judgmental. *

Staff and volunteers are respectful and compassionate. *

Staff and volunteers are present (give me their full attention and are mindful). *

Staff and volunteers are competent (they seem to know what they're doing). *

I have felt empowered to do things for my own family and work toward a positive outcome. *

I would recommend Open Doors to another family in need. *

Overall I would rate my stay at Open Doors:

If you could change things about our program, what would they be?

What are the strengths of this program? What are your favorite things about Open Doors?

Thank you for helping Open Doors improve!
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